100 Doors Escape Puzzle

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  • 100 Doors Escape Puzzle


    Find hidden objects & solve puzzles to open the tricky doors and escape the room.100 Doors is a challenging brain game. Open rooms by playing Mini-games, Logical Puzzles and Hidden Objects.The main goal of this hundred doors game challenge is to unlock the door lock. You'll have to open tricky doors and get out of the room.FEATURES:- Escape Rooms Challenge. The game will help keep your logical abilities and ingenuity in good shape;- Room Escape Game including hidden objects, mini-games, challenging games & more;- Lots of levels. The levels are surprisingly creative, not a single puzzle is repeated;- Stunning animations. The visuals are simple to look at, which is vital because this is a fun puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours;- Logical tasks;- Adventure game for families. It is a challenging game for kids and adults! To solve riddles yourself or play with friends;- Bright and attractive graphics;- Simple and straightforward gameplay

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